Which of the following was the US’s fastest growing major fruit import?
Fresh raspberries, blackberries, mulberries and loganberries
Fresh cranberries, bilberries, and other similar berries
Fresh strawberries
Fresh grapes
US imports of one dairy product went through the roof in the 2010s. Which of the following is it?
Blue cheese
Fresh cheese (e.g. whey and curd)
US imports of one type of liquor outgrew all others in the 2010s, reaching over $2.5 billion in annual imports by the end of the decade. Which is it?
Which type of US water imports had the fastest rate of growth?
There are three major types of water that the US imports. Although all three grew quickly, one type started from a very low base. So even though another type of water grew more in total, the answer here was still the fastest riser.
Unsweetened, unflavored, mineral water and aerated water
Sweetened, or flavored water, mineral water and aerated water
Ordinary natural water, unsweetened and unflavored
Only one of the major fruit juice imports increased substantially over the last decade. Which was it?
Apple juice
Grape juice
Pineapple juice
Orange juice
This final question doesn’t involve a food or drink product, but the materials used to make them. Which type of machinery saw the greatest increase in imports over the decade?
Bakery machinery
Machinery for the industrial preparation of confectionary, cocoa and chocolate
Machinery for the industrial production of meat or poultry
Brewery machinery