Show me the money
What was the total cost of the US coronavirus economic stimulus package—aka the CARES Act?
$12 billion
$180 billion
$750 billion
$2.2 trillion
The great shutdown
How much of the world’s population was estimated to be in lockdown in the early days of the pandemic?
One in five people
Two in five people
Three in five people
Four in five people
Five in five people
Step by step
In their textbook on decision making, psychologists Don Moore and Max Bazerman outline six steps in a “rational” process. Which do they say is the hardest?
Step one: define the problem
Step two and three: Identify and weight the criteria
Step four: Generate alternatives
Step five: Rate each alternative on each criteria
Step six: Compute the optimal decision
No chill
One of the companies that profited from the pandemic was Netflix, which smashed forecasts for the first quarter of 2020 by adding how many subscribers?
Five million
Seven million
15 million
21 million
You’re moo-ted
The shift to virtual conferencing has led to some creative approaches to running meetings. How much would it cost for you to hire VIP farm animals from Goat-2-Meeting to appear at your next online corporate event?
Slide into your direct marketing
Gen Z makes up what percentage of global consumers today, with about $150 billion in spending power in the US alone?
Fantastic flop
According to data from review aggregation site Metacritic, what was one of the worst shows on Netflix during early lockdowns?
Too Hot to Handle
The I-Land
Love is Blind
Tiger King
Alert and activated
In investment bank Piper Sandler’s 2019 survey asking 9,500 American teens about the most important social or political issue today, what was their number-one answer?
Racial injustice
Gender rights
The environment
Getting in our way
Psychologists Don Moore and Max Bazerman call this “the mother of all biases” when it comes to decision making. What is it?
Camera, lights, webinar
This high-profile person is one of the best paid speakers on the virtual conference circuit, earning up to $25,000 per appearance. Who is it?
Anthony Fauci
Dominic Cummings
Edward Snowden
Sheryl Sandberg