Like posters for other major markets, Mulan takes center stage.

This is the only poster, however, to feature all five key characters. Mulan is situated between the ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

Liu Yifei, who plays Mulan, is a household name in China, but she's not well respected.

Featuring other actors, like Jet Li, may help to downplay her role for the Chinese audience.

The title includes Mulan’s surname, Hua, a reference to the classical Chinese text “Ballad of Mulan” on which the movie is based.

The protagonists—Commander Tung and the Chinese emperor—allude to the Imperial Regiment’s power and prestige and are bathed in gold.

Mulan’s enemies are the ‘dark side’—they have black eyeliner, cold surroundings, and fewer identifiable historical references.

The villain, Bori Khan, replaces Shan Yu from the 1998 animation. The distinctly non-Han, widely-used Muslim name plays up the film's underlying Han Chinese nationalism.

Leading an army, this imagery signals Mulan’s power as a feminist heroine—and as the representative of a formidable Chinese state battling ethnic "others."