Thin Blue Line flag

The black and white US flag with a blue line through the center is controversial. For some it’s an emblem of police solidarity, for others it’s a symbol of white supremacy.

Confederate battle flag with gun silhouette

This rifle-adorned version of the Confederate battle flag includes the words “Come and Take it,” a phrase often used by gun rights activists.

Gadsden Flags

The yellow flag, with a coiled rattlesnake and the words “Don’t Tread on Me,” tends to symbolize opposition to restrictions and government oppression.

Canadian flag

Other national flags were also spotted at the scene, including those of South Korea, Georgia, Israel, Vietnam, Cuba, India, and Tonga.

Betsy Ross flag

An early version of the US flag, it has a circle of 13 stars in the corner, representing the colonies that fought for independence during the American Revolution.

Trump 2020 campaign flags

A significant number of flags seen in the mob were official and unofficial Trump 2020 campaign merchandise.

US Marine Corps flag

The US Marine Corps flag seen here is just one of many of the both modern and historical military flags spotted in the mob.

Miscellaneous Trump flags

Trump-adorned flags of all types were on display, including one with the US president styled as a bazooka-bearing Rambo.

Culpeper Minutemen flag

The 18th-century militia group carried a variation of the Gadsden flag with the addition of the words “Liberty or Death”.